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After an upper arm lift in Frankfurt, you will feel freer and can enjoy life more - even with short-sleeved tops

In the USA, people jokingly refer to flabby upper arms with a noticeable excess of skin as "bat wings". Such jokes are painful, as this unsightly sagging of the upper arms is difficult to conceal - especially in summer - and can be very distressing. Even weight training usually does not solve the problem: As the tissue lacks elasticity, the skin, which is too loose, can no longer assume its original position.

This effect can only be achieved in the long term by Surgical tightening In order to correct the sagging of the upper arm, our plastic surgeons specifically remove fat and excess skin. The operation, which takes around one to two hours, leaves an elongated scar on the inside of the upper arm, which most patients are happy to accept: After all, it gives them youthful, athletic upper arms that no longer need to be hidden under long sleeves. Find out more about the upper arm lift in Frankfurt.

What happens during the operation?

What happens during the operation?

Depending on the extent of the operation, an incision is made on the inside of the upper arm, extending from the armpit to the elbow. Firstly, the planned incision is marked. After anaesthesia or twilight sleep is induced, a local anaesthetic is also injected.

The anaesthetic is mixed with a drug that causes the small blood vessels to contract locally. This minimises bleeding during the operation. The excess skin and fat are then removed with a scalpel.

Liposuction is often also performed during an upper arm lift.

The resulting wound is closed with fine sutures. Drainage tubes ensure that the wound secretions can drain away in the first one to two days after the operation. The operation takes one to two hours, depending on the extent of the wound. Once the drains have been removed, you will be fitted with a compression jacket (bolero), which you should wear for 6 weeks.

Procedure up to the operation

Before you decide in favour of arm lift surgery, a preliminary consultation is necessary. Our experienced plastic surgeon Dr Kania will determine your initial situation. This, in conjunction with your desired changes, determines the extent of the operation. Only once this has been precisely defined can the costs of your operation be quoted.

During your personal consultation, you will learn all about the risks and possible complications. We will also show you possible results and your expected healing process.

The preliminary examination and consultation will give you all the information you need so that you can decide for yourself whether you wish to have the procedure performed. We will also check whether there are any medical reasons why the operation should not be performed.

Upper arm lift

What should I look out for after the operation?

It is usually necessary to take painkillers during the first few days.You can get out of bed on the day of the operation. The duration of the inpatient stay is one to two days. Immediately after leaving the clinic, you will be able to socialise again. A compression girdle must be worn for six weeks to ensure optimal healing. Sport and heavy lifting must be avoided for six weeks.

novoLinea Clinic - Expertise in plastic surgery

At the novoLinea Clinic, we have the right solution for our patients - let our team give you personalised and comprehensive advice. During the consultation, you will find out which method of upper arm lift suits your desired result and your body. We will inform you in detail about treatment methods and possible risks. You will also receive a detailed breakdown of the costs of the treatment for slimmer arms. Thanks to the empathetic and competent support, you will not feel alone as a patient.

The clinic is excellently air-conditioned, so that you will have a pleasant stay with us even on hot summer days.

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Dr Norbert Kania Frankfurt
Dr Norbert Kania
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Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

Our specialists in aesthetic and plastic surgery have many years of experience in aesthetic plastic surgery. They attach great importance to individualised care for their patients. Our extensive medical experience has repeatedly earned us awards from FOCUS. Take advantage of our extensive expertise for your upper arm lift.

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Questions & answers about an upper arm lift in Frankfurt

What should be considered before the upper arm lift operation?

You should reach a weight that you can realistically maintain before your upper arm lift surgery. The closer you are to your realistic normal weight before the operation, the more satisfied you will be with the result.

What scars can be expected?

After the operation, a long, thin scar remains on the inside of the upper arm. Sometimes a small transverse scar is also required in the armpit.

What complications can occur?

Even if the scars are normally narrow and inconspicuous, a relatively large internal wound surface is created. Possible complications include haematoma and wound healing disorders. Occasionally, the hands may swell temporarily. If a wound healing disorder occurs due to an infection or circulatory disorder (especially in heavy smokers), wider scars may occur later. Such scars can be corrected later under local anaesthetic.

Can I finance the cost of my upper arm lift?

Yes - Financing of the costs of your upper arm lift is possible via our partner if you have the appropriate credit rating.

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