Drooping eyelid surgery / upper eyelid lift in Frankfurt

Drooping eyelids can be corrected with an upper eyelid lift

Drooping eyelids are drooping upper eyelids. If they are present, affected people often appear tired or sad - even though they are not. Affected patients have a desire for an open look. With an upper eyelid lift in Frankfurt, we can remove your drooping upper eyelids on an outpatient basis. Find out more about the operation for drooping eyelids or drooping eyelid correction.

According to the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (DGÄPC), an upper eyelid lift was one of the most frequently requested treatments in 2021 (source DGÄPC patient survey 2021. In the 2022/2023 statistics, it was even the most common treatment (source DGÄPC Statistics 2022-2023).

Drooping eyelid surgery Frankfurt

What is a droopy eyelid?

Drooping eyelids are a condition of the upper eyelids. Changes in the connective tissue in the upper eyelid cause the upper eyelids to droop - especially if additional fat deposits form. This appearance of drooping eyelids is called drooping eyelids.

How do drooping eyelids develop?

When the eye is open, the upper eyelid completely or almost covers the eye. Drooping eyelids can have these causes:

  • Natural skin ageing
  • Decreasing elasticity in the connective tissue
  • Genetic predisposition

Alternative designations:

  • Blepharochalasis
  • Hanging lid
Drooping upper eyelid

Difference between drooping eyelids & ptosis

Drooping eyelids are often confused with ptosis (= eyelid muscle weakness), which appears visually similar. In the case of ptosis, congenital or acquired muscle weakness often leads to a drooping eyelid, which can cause the eyelid to droop temporarily or permanently. This can restrict and, in extreme cases, block normal vision.

Are drooping eyelids an aesthetic or medical problem?

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Surgery is not necessary for less pronounced drooping eyelids. Puffiness is often responsible for the visual impression. This can be remedied with targeted skin care or cosmetics.

If the drooping eyelids are more pronounced, surgical eyelid correction may be an option. Your upper eyelid can be tightened and any excess skin can be removed. In most cases, this is an aesthetic correction - medical reasons would be, for example, a very pronounced visual field restriction, which is usually diagnosed by ophthalmologists.

What is the procedure if I want to have my upper eyelids tightened?

Before you decide on an upper eyelid correction, a preliminary examination and consultation will take place. Here we compare your personal expectations with what is medically sensible and feasible. Our experienced plastic surgeon Dr Kania will explain your options, the possible course of the operation and your individual treatment risks. You can also see what the result of your treatment may look like with the help of before and after pictures.

After the preliminary examination, you can decide for yourself whether upper eyelid correction or drooping eyelid surgery is an option for you.

The operation to correct your upper eyelids is usually performed on an outpatient basis.

How are drooping eyelids corrected?

When tightening the upper eyelids, excess skin is removed from the upper eyelid area. If necessary, the muscles are tightened at the same time.

The incision is made in the natural fold of the upper eyelid so that no visually noticeable scar remains after drooping eyelid surgery. 

upper eyelid lift

What should you bear in mind after drooping eyelid surgery?

  • Cover your eyes with moist compresses and ice packs for 1 to 2 days so that the swelling can subside more quickly
  • Stitches are usually removed approx. 5 days after the operation
  • You should not put any creams or cosmetics on your eyes during the first week
  • Bruising (haematomas) may occur around the eyes after the operation
  • Swelling around the eyes could occur
  • Protect your eyes and the treatment area from high UV radiation after the procedure

If anything seems unusual to you, please contact us. It is better to ask us too many questions than too few.

novoLinea Clinic - Expertise in plastic surgery

At the novoLinea Clinic, we have the right solution for our patients. Let our team advise you personally and comprehensively on your planned upper eyelid lift. We will inform you in detail about treatment methods, possible risks and the possible healing process of removing excess skin from the upper eyelid. You will also receive a detailed list of the costs of the treatment.

novoLinea - over 20 years of experience for your drooping eyelid surgery / upper eyelid lift in Frankfurt

Dr Norbert Kania Frankfurt
Dr Norbert Kania
Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery
Oliver Ruiz
Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

Dr Kania, a specialist in aesthetic and plastic surgery with over 20 years of experience in aesthetic plastic surgery and head physician at our clinic since 2000, attaches great importance to individual patient care. 

With his many years of medical experience, he has repeatedly been recognised as a TOP surgeon by FOCUS in the field of aesthetic surgery. Take advantage of his extensive experience for your eyelid correction. We have been performing eyelid surgery at our clinic opposite the main railway station in Frankfurt for over 20 years. Take advantage of our expertise for your upper eyelid lift!

Would you like to find out more about your drooping eyelid surgery?

Arrange your consultation appointment! We will be happy to explain everything about your treatment options. 

Frequently asked questions about drooping eyelid surgery / upper eyelid lift

Answers to frequently asked questions about drooping eyelid surgery.

Can drooping eyelids disappear again?

Slightly pronounced drooping eyelids are often caused by swelling. These can disappear again.

What type of anaesthesia is used during the procedure?

The procedure itself is usually performed under local anaesthetic. The correction of your eyelid is usually performed on an outpatient basis.

Is hospitalisation necessary?

Drooping eyelid surgery or upper eyelid correction is usually performed on an outpatient basis. You can usually go home after the procedure. However, you should not actively participate in road traffic.

How long does an eyelid lift last?

In principle, many factors influence this (e.g. environmental influences, personal factors, diet, etc.). It is therefore difficult to predict how long the results of eyelid correction will last.

Can drooping eyelids make you tired?

Due to the perception of a feeling of heaviness or the constant raising of the eyebrows, many patients describe that they become tired relatively quickly.

Is the correction of drooping eyelids covered by health insurance?

In most cases, the correction of drooping eyelids is performed for aesthetic reasons. In this case, the costs are borne by the patients themselves.

When will I be socially acceptable again after drooping eyelid surgery?

Upper eyelid lift surgery results in "blue eyes" or bruising. These may be visible 10 to 14 days after the operation.

Patients do not feel socially acceptable during this period due to the visual impairment.

Can I wear contact lenses after an upper eyelid lift?

The wearing of contact lenses should be discussed with your surgeon in the first 1 to 2 weeks after the operation.

How long do red scars last after an upper eyelid lift?

The scars after a drooping eyelid operation will remain red for several weeks, sometimes up to six months, but will become softer and less noticeable. Avoid exposure to strong sunlight for at least two months, because the Scars otherwise there is a tendency to increased pigmentation (discolouration), which can persist for a long time.

What are the risks of upper eyelid surgery?

As with any operation, tightening the upper eyelid can have undesirable side effects or complications. We will explain this to you in more detail during your consultation.

The following points may occur:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Slight pulling pains

Rarely, however, are wound healing disorders, eye injuries, sensory disturbances or disorders of scarring.

Why a surgical procedure instead of a plasma pen?

You can often find treatments with a plasma pen on the internet. It is not suitable for removing tissue, as this non-surgical procedure can only treat the upper layer of the skin. A surgical procedure, on the other hand, can remove excess fatty tissue and excess skin.

What does a drooping eyelid operation cost?

The costs incurred are individual. They depend on your initial situation, the desired surgical result, the duration of the operation and the amount of work involved. We can therefore tell you exactly what costs you will incur during your consultation after an examination.