Costs & prices / Treatment costs

Basic information on costs & prices

Every patient has an individual problem and must of course be treated individually to achieve the best possible result. For this reason, we can only provide precise information on treatment costs after an examination. After the initial examination, consultation, surgical planning and explanation of possible risks, you will receive a detailed written cost estimate from us, which will include all costs includes.

In exceptional cases (e.g. long journeys), we can give you an approximate cost estimate if you describe your problem as precisely as possible and send us meaningful, well-lit photos.

What factors influence your costs?

Doctor's consultation

Initial presentation / examination and counselling

Medical history, physical examination, counselling on all possible treatment options, surgical planning and detailed information on possible risks and side effects.

The first presentation in our clinic always takes place with Dr Kania and Mr Ruiz personally instead.

Anaesthesia consultation

Anaesthesia-related anamnesis, physical examination, explanation of the type of anaesthesia, detailed explanation of possible risks and side effects.

Our anaesthetists work with the Narcotrenda device that records your brain waves so that an anaesthetic that is too deep and, above all, too shallow is indicated immediately. This enables anaesthesia to be administered with pinpoint accuracy.

If possible, the anaesthetist, who will then also administer the anaesthesia personally, should be consulted.

Anaesthesia consultation
Operating theatre cleaning

Before the operation

Professional reprocessing of instruments by a registered nurse with additional statutory training.
Ensuring absolute hygienic cleanliness by a specially trained cleaner in strict compliance with the hygiene plan, which is regularly updated by our hospital hygiene specialist.
Regular maintenance and inspection of the ventilation system to ensure that the microfilters in the air conditioning system do not allow bacteria or particles to pass through. Positive pressure must be maintained in the operating theatre to ensure that only filtered air enters.


Training, expertise and experience of the surgeon, degree of difficulty and expected duration of the operation, surgical assistance, registered instrumentation nurse, non-sterile (not at the operating table) registered nurses to deliver materials, change lighting and patient positioning, assistance with anaesthesia.
Consumables such as sterile surgical drapes, suction cannulae, suture and dressing material, ventilation tubes, ventilation hoses, oxygen cylinders, infusions, medication, any implants or meshes (abdominal wall weakness), etc.
Breast surgery

On ward

A registered nurse checks your vital functions with the help of the monitor to which you are connected and ensures that your first few hours after waking up are as comfortable as possible. She will bring you something to drink straight away, provide you with medication if necessary and help you to get out of bed at the beginning. Later, she will bring you the food you chose before the operation.
If you stay with us overnight, a registered nurse will take over the night shift and be there for you all night.
The breakfast you put together the day before is not served at 7.00 a.m. when your shift changes, but at the time you have requested.

Aftercare & follow-up examinations

All follow-up examinations (for major operations usually after 1, 3, 6 weeks, 6 and 12 months) are not charged.

Even if you come to us years later with a problem, you will not be charged.

Summary of costs & prices

When comparing offers for an operation, you should look very carefully at all the details in addition to the qualifications/trustworthiness of the surgeon.

Many colleagues only quote their surgical fee and point out that the costs for anaesthesia and hospitalisation are charged separately. The costs for the use of the operating theatre, operating theatre staff, instrument preparation, consumables, etc. are usually also charged, so that several thousand euros can quickly add up in addition to the operating theatre fee.

The novoLinea Clinic has its own operating theatre department, its own anaesthesia department and its own bed ward. We can therefore offer you a Binding cost estimate for the total costs actually incurred.

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