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After our facelift, you will finally look younger, fresher and naturally better again - just as you feel

As the skin's elasticity and ability to regenerate decreases over time, many women/men develop sagging cheeks, cheek wrinkles, forehead wrinkles and sagging skin on the neck. This change is difficult to conceal and gives the face a tired, aged look.

A facelift provides a remedy

... as a rejuvenating change to the face in which all problem areas can be corrected.

This operation permanently changes the facial expression. The result is an appearance that is around ten years younger and therefore an improvement in appearance. The individual facial features remain intact after the operation and the natural appearance is preserved. During the operation, excess skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles and fatty tissue are removed and reattached to their original location.

Muscle tightening is also performed. In facelifts, we differentiate between the so-called soft lift (MACS lift), forehead lift, midface lift and the complete SMAS facelift. Find out more about your options from our plastic surgeon.

How is anaesthesia administered?

The operation is usually performed under a gentle general anaesthetic. Depending on the extent of the operation, surgery can occasionally also be performed under local anaesthetic combined with twilight sleep. Dr Kania will recommend the most suitable anaesthetic procedure for you.

Facelift Frankfurt
Facelift man

What happens during the neck and cheek lift?

For a cheek lift or neck lift, the planned incision is first marked out. A local anaesthetic is also injected during surgery under general anaesthetic. The anaesthetic is mixed with a drug that causes the small blood vessels to contract locally. This minimises bleeding during the operation.

The skin is now carefully removed from the deeper layers through incisions around the ear.

In a forehead lift, the incision is made in the hairy parting area or at the hairline. 

The actual tightening now takes place after preparation of the deeper layer. This is the so-called "superficial musculo-aponeurotic system" (SMAS). The SMAS is a type of muscle skin (fascia) with considerably less elasticity than the skin. This is why the tightening of this layer lasts much longer than a pure skin tightening.

The excess skin is now removed in such a way that the most natural appearance possible is achieved after skin closure with the finest continuous sutures. A mask-like "operated" appearance is avoided. On the neck, sometimes disturbing fat pads (double chin) have to be removed through a separate small incision under the chin or by liposuction.

In contrast to the full SMAS facelift, the soft lift (MACS lift) does not remove as much of the underlying layer. Patients have less swelling and are able to socialise sooner.

The operation takes three to five hours, depending on the extent.

What happens during a midface lift?

First, the planned incision is marked out. A local anaesthetic is also injected during surgery under general anaesthetic. The anaesthetic is mixed with a drug that causes the small blood vessels to contract locally. This minimises bleeding during the operation.

With a midface lift, the incision - similar to that of a Lower lid blepharoplasty - directly below the row of eyelashes of the lower eyelid with a small extension into a smile crease. Now the soft tissues of the midface are detached from the upper jaw bone in a deep layer below the periosteum.

The sensitive median trigeminal nerve, which emerges from the upper jaw bone, must be exposed in order to rule out nerve damage. The soft tissues of the midface are then lifted and fixed to the periosteum of the lower bony edge of the eye socket with strong sutures. In some cases, the sutures must be fixed with the help of small drill holes at the edge of the bone. The resulting excess skin on the lower eyelid is carefully removed. The skin and muscles are sutured together with fine sutures.

Facelift Frankfurt
Facelift Dr Kania

The right amount of lifting is important. If the tightening is too strong, the raised eyebrows create a very unnatural facial expression of permanent surprise.

Forehead lift

In forehead lifts, the incision is usually made at the hairline. If the hairline is very low, the incision can also be made in the area of the hairy scalp from one ear to the other (bicoronal incision). For men with a very high hairline or bald head, the incision is made in the uppermost deep transverse fold.

The skin is detached from the underlying musculature up to the upper edge of the eye socket. The sensitive upper trigeminal nerve, which emerges from the upper edge of the eye socket, must be exposed in order to rule out nerve injury. The mimic muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles are now weakened or partially removed in the area of the frown lines. If the eyebrows are severely sagging, the muscles can be tightened laterally above the eyebrows. The skin is now tightened upwards, the resulting excess skin is removed and the wound is closed with absorbable stitches.

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We at the novoLinea Clinic have the right solution for our patients - let Dr Kania and his team advise you personally and comprehensively. During the consultation, you will find out which type of facelift suits your desired result and your face. We will provide you with detailed information about treatment methods and possible risks. You will also receive a detailed breakdown of the costs of your facelift. Thanks to the empathetic and competent support, you will not feel alone as a patient.

The clinic is excellently air-conditioned, so that you will have a pleasant stay with us even on hot summer days.

Our specialists in aesthetic and plastic surgery with many years of experience in aesthetic plastic surgery attach great importance to individualised patient care. We have been repeatedly recognised by FOCUS for our many years of medical experience. Take advantage of our experience for your facelift.

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Questions & answers about facelifts in Frankfurt

What scars can be expected?

Depending on the procedure and incision, fine, barely visible scars may appear in the area in front of and behind the ear (neck and cheek lift), at the hairline, in a forehead crease in men with little hair (forehead lift) or below the eyelashes (midface lift). Dr Kania will work with you before the facelift to determine exactly which incisions are necessary.

Special suturing techniques optimise the healing time and ensure that the scars are almost invisible later on in most cases. The subsequent appearance is natural and not mask-like.

What should I look out for after the operation?

As a rule, an inpatient stay of one day is necessary. Less extensive tightening can even be performed on an outpatient basis.

The swelling caused by the operation usually subsides after a few days. You can support the process by cooling and sleeping with your upper body slightly elevated (second pillow) in the first few days after the operation. Occasional blue discolouration (haematoma) usually disappears within seven to ten days. The finest individual threads, e.g. on the ear or below the eyelashes, are removed after a week. The sutures behind the ear and at the hairline are removed after 14 days. The sutures for the forehead lift dissolve themselves.

You can wash your hair the day after the operation. Depending on the length of your hair (to conceal the fresh surgical scars), you will usually be socially acceptable again after one to two weeks.

What complications can occur?

The complications that can occur with any operation (post-operative bleeding, wound infection, excessive scarring) are rare with a facelift. After major cheek or forehead lifts, the sensitivity to touch in front of the ear and on the forehead may be impaired. In forehead and midface lifts, there is very rarely a temporary reduction in sensitivity to touch on the forehead or upper lip.

In rare cases, a larger haematoma may occur. In this case, the haematoma should be removed with a minor operation so that the healing process is not delayed. A disruption of the facial nerves with restrictions of the mimic musculature is rare and can be described as a mistake that only inexperienced surgeons make.

If there are circulatory problems at the edge of the wound, especially in heavy smokers, corrective surgery may be necessary at a later date.

In patients who are prone to excessive scarring, the incision lines may be recognisable for a few weeks due to reddening and thickening.

A midface lift occasionally causes long-lasting swelling in the cheekbone area.

Can I finance the cost of my facelift?

Yes - Financing for your facelift is possible via our partner if you have the appropriate credit rating.

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