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Gynaecomastia treatment Frankfurt - male breast reduction

With a male breast correction, we can make your overly large breasts (gynaecomastia) look flatter and more masculine again

If a man develops female-looking breasts, this can have several causes. In most cases, the mammary gland has been unnaturally enlarged since puberty due to a congenital disposition. However, some men are also prone to fat deposits in this area even if they are slightly overweight. Other causes of breast enlargement, such as liver disease, hormonal disorders, etc., must be ruled out by blood tests before the operation.

Gynaecomastia Frankfurt

Brief information on gynaecomastia surgery

Form of anaesthesiaTwilight sleep, general anaesthesia
Hospitalisation½ day, 1 day
Able to workAfter 2 days (physically strenuous activities differ)
ScarringAt the edge of the nipple
With pure fat removal, small scars that fade over time
CostsCustomised - depending on the scope of the operation
More about costs & prices
AftercareAfter 7, 21 days, after 6 and 12 months
HealingWearing a compression shirt for 6 weeks
Sports activities depending on the extent of the operation 3 weeks after the operation (except for chest exercises)
Treating specialist

Oliver Ruiz
Dr Norbert Kania

Fundamentals of male breast correction

Men who are affected by this problem perceive their breasts as a psychological burden that severely restricts their self-confidence. Many affected men have never been to the swimming pool for fear of being teased. In this case, the only long-term and successful solution that helps those affected to achieve a balanced body image is the surgical removal of excess glandular and fatty tissue. This type of breast correction achieves very good, lasting results.

Find out in Frankfurt am Main Find out more about male breast correction from our experienced specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery. We will be happy to explain all the details about the surgical treatment of your gynaecomastia. 

Before an operation is performed, an individual consultation takes place. During this consultation, we determine your individual factors that may influence your surgical procedure. You will learn all the details, the exact surgical procedure and your individual risks associated with your planned breast reduction.

Gynaecomastia treatment Frankfurt

What happens during male breast correction surgery?

First, our experienced plastic and aesthetic surgeon marks the planned incision with a felt-tip pen while the patient is seated. After the onset of twilight sleep or local anaesthesia (or anaesthesia if desired), the tumescent solution is injected, which contains saline solution and a local anaesthetic.

The solution is mixed with a drug that causes the small blood vessels to contract locally. This minimises bleeding during the operation. Excess fatty tissue is then removed through a small, semi-circular incision on the lower side of the areola using the tissue-sparing vibration technique (Power-Assisted Liposuction PAL). The glandular tissue is very firm and therefore cannot be suctioned out. Excess glandular tissue is now also removed.

If the breasts are very large and the skin is loose, the excess skin is removed.

In most cases, however, the excess skin disappears on its own in the first six months after the operation.

The wound is then closed with continuous sutures. Drainage tubes ensure that the wound secretions can drain away in the first 24 hours after the operation.

The operation takes one and a half to two hours, depending on the extent.

novoLinea Clinic - Expertise in plastic surgery

We at the novoLinea Clinic have the right solution for our patients - let Dr Kania and his team advise you personally and comprehensively. During the consultation, you will find out which method of treating your gynaecomastia suits your desired result and your body. We will inform you in detail about treatment methods and possible risks. You will also receive a detailed breakdown of the costs of the treatment. Thanks to the empathetic and competent support you will not feel alone as a patient.

The clinic is excellently air-conditioned, so that you will have a pleasant stay with us even on hot summer days.

We attach great importance to individualised care for our patients. Take advantage of our more than 20 years of experience in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. This is also proven by the repeated award from FOCUS as TOP surgeon. We are among the most experienced specialists in the Rhine-Main region. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and enormous experience in the field of male breast reduction. 

novoLinea - over 20 years of experience for the treatment of your gynaecomastia in Frankfurt am Main

Dr Norbert Kania Frankfurt
Dr Norbert Kania
Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery
Oliver Ruiz
Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

Do you have questions or want to find out more about male breast reduction?

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Questions and answers about gynaecomastia surgery

What should be considered before gynaecomastia surgery?

Weight loss
You should lose as much weight as you can realistically maintain before the operation. The closer you are to your realistic normal weight before the operation, the more satisfied you will be with the result.

Real and false gynaecomastia - what's the difference?

Genuine gynaecomastia
True gynaecomastia is an enlargement of the male mammary gland due to a hormonal imbalance.
False gynaecomastia
An accumulation of fat in the chest region in men caused by excess weight or age-related changes. A procedure similar to liposuction can be used to correct this.

What scars can be expected?

The result is a fine, semi-circular scar on the lower edge of the nipple that is barely visible. If skin had to be removed (very large breasts), additional scars are necessary.

The best prerequisite for good scar formation is a precise surgical technique and external pressure. To support the shrinkage of the excess skin, an appropriate compression waistcoat must be worn consistently after the operation.

The stitches dissolve by themselves and do not need to be removed.

What should I look out for after the operation?

It is sometimes necessary to take painkillers on the day of the operation. However, patients usually experience hardly any pain.

The patient can get out of bed on the day of the operation. After the operation, the patient is usually hospitalised for another day. The compression waistcoat is fitted in the operating theatre and should ideally be worn day and night for the next six weeks. Sport is possible to a limited extent and heavy lifting should be avoided for three weeks.

What complications can occur?

Even if the scars are normally narrow and inconspicuous, a relatively large internal wound surface is created. Possible complications include haematoma and wound healing disorders. In rare cases, irregularities may remain, which can be corrected after about six months. If the excess skin does not regress sufficiently in the case of very large breasts, a breast lift may be necessary at a later date.

Can I see before and after pictures?

The publication of before and after pictures has been prohibited by law since 2008. We will show you pictures during your consultation so that you can get an impression of your planned breast surgery.

Can I finance the costs of my gynaecomastia operation?

Yes - Financing of the costs of your treatment is possible via our partner if you have the appropriate credit rating.

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