Chin correction in Frankfurt

By correcting the chin, we enhance the harmony and profile of your face and emphasise the expression of your personality

If the shape and size of the chin is not in harmony with the rest of the face, surgical correction of the chin is advisable. The most common problems in the chin area are the typical double chin, a receding chin, i.e. a chin that is too far back, or a protruding chin that is too large.

Surgical correction of the chin area can significantly improve the overall facial appearance by surgically lengthening or shortening the chin. Liposuction and the removal of excess skin in this area are also possible. If there is also a significant misalignment of the teeth, orthodontic treatment with subsequent repositioning surgery by an oral surgeon may be advisable. However, many patients shy away from this lengthy procedure and are very satisfied with the much simpler chin augmentation procedure using an implant.

During the detailed consultation, we will explain the treatment options for your Chin correction in Frankfurt. In some cases, it is also necessary to include the nose in the corrective measures in order to harmonise the overall profile of the face. In this case, this is referred to as profiloplasty.

Double chin correction

The typical double chin consists of a fat pad and excess skin. The tendency to develop a double chin is often congenital and also affects otherwise slim patients.

What happens during the operation to correct a double chin?

The correction is made by a Liposuction under twilight sleep and local anaesthetic. The fatty tissue is suctioned out with microcannulas through tiny incisions in the folds in front of the earlobes and under the chin. The incisions are sutured with thin stitches and a fixing bandage (tape) is applied. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis.

What should I look out for after the operation?

The fixative bandage should be left in place for one week. Additional compression with the help of a headband worn around the chin is desirable. The stitches are removed after one week. As with any liposuction procedure, the result depends on the shrinkage of the excess skin. Skin shrinkage is completed approximately six months after the operation. In the case of very large excess skin or very loose skin, it may be necessary to perform an additional Neck lift be necessary.

Chin correction Frankfurt
Chin augmentation

Chin augmentation

If the chin is too small or too short in relation to the rest of the face or is too far back, we recommend a Surgical chin augmentation.

In this procedure, a silicone implant is inserted and fixed to the bone. There are a variety of different shapes and sizes. Dr Kania will recommend the best implant for you during a detailed consultation.

A somewhat more complex method of chin augmentation involves moving parts of the lower jaw bone.

It is also possible to achieve a slight enlargement of the chin by injecting a Fillers or Autologous fat transplantation to reach.

What happens during chin augmentation surgery?

The operation takes one to two hours and is performed under twilight sleep or general anaesthetic. A one-day hospital stay is required after the procedure. During the operation, a pocket is prepared that is the same size as the implant. The implant is inserted in such a way that it can fuse with the bone.

When moving parts of the lower jaw bone, the lower part of the bone is sawn off, pushed forwards and fixed in its new position with a small metal plate.

The small scar that remains under the chin after the operation is very inconspicuous. The incision can also be made in the oral cavity so that no scar is visible on the outside.

What happens during the operation?
Chin augmentation

Chin ablation

A chin that is too large or protrudes too much can severely detract from an attractive face. A chin augmentation makes it possible to reduce the size of the chin and thus harmonise the appearance of the face. Chin augmentation is usually performed by oral surgeons with the additional qualification "plastic surgery".

What happens during chin removal surgery?

During an operation lasting around one to two hours, a wedge-shaped piece of bone is removed from the lower third of the chin under general anaesthetic. In this way, both the size of the chin and the protrusion can be corrected. A small metal plate and screws are used to fix the remaining piece of bone in its new position. 

Chin ablation can be performed through an incision from the mouth or through an incision below the chin. If the chin is very prominent, it may also be necessary to remove additional skin. 

A one-day hospital stay is usually necessary after the procedure.

What to look out for after chin ablation?

A fixing bandage must be worn for a fortnight after the operation. The stitches can be removed after seven days or dissolve by themselves if the incision was made from the mouth.

Sleeping with the upper body slightly elevated and taking enzyme supplements favours the reduction of swelling caused by the operation. Any numbness that may occur in the lower lip usually disappears after a short time.

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At the novoLinea Clinic, we have the right solution for our patients - let our experienced team give you personalised and comprehensive advice. During the consultation, you will find out which method of chin correction suits your desired result and your face. We will inform you in detail about treatment methods and possible risks. You will also receive a detailed breakdown of the costs of the treatment.

Thanks to the empathetic and competent support, you as a patient will not feel alone during the correction of your chin.

The clinic is excellently air-conditioned, so that you will have a pleasant stay with us even on hot summer days.

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Our specialists in aesthetic and plastic surgery with extensive experience in aesthetic plastic surgery attach great importance to individualised patient care. Thanks to our many years of medical experience, we have been repeatedly recognised by FOCUS. Take advantage of our extensive expertise for your chin correction.

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Questions & answers about chin correction in Frankfurt

What complications can occur?

Double chin correction

In addition to general complications such as bruising and infection, irregularities can occur in rare cases. If the excess skin does not regress, wrinkles can develop that make subsequent tightening surgery necessary.

Chin augmentation

Chin augmentation with implants often results in swelling that lasts one to two weeks. There is a risk of infection, especially if the operation was performed through the oral mucosa. In rare cases, there may be temporary numbness of the lower lip.

How long does a chin correction last?

The durability of a chin correction depends on your individual initial situation, the desired change and the resulting method. If, for example, a chin augmentation is carried out by means of an injection with hyaluronic acid, the durability is usually approx. 6 months - if a double chin is corrected by means of a small liposuction, the result is permanent.

What does a chin correction cost?

The costs for a chin correction can vary greatly. They depend on the method and the extent of the treatment. The costs can therefore only be stated after an examination.

Can a dimple also be corrected?

Yes - we can also correct a dimple in the chin.

Can I finance the costs of my chin correction?

Yes - Financing of your chin correction is possible via our partner if you have the appropriate credit rating.

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