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You can't tie a knot with one hand - this is also the case in aesthetic plastic surgery. This is why we often exchange ideas with experienced colleagues - especially in the case of challenging or complicated initial situations.

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We also exchange information with colleagues from the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (DGÄPC) as part of our long-standing membership:

What should you consider when choosing a specialist?

The most important factor for the success of an aesthetic operation is the plastic surgeon. You should therefore take the greatest care when making your choice. The combination of training, experience, sense of form and psychological empathy is of decisive importance for the success of the operation in terms of the surgeon's qualifications.

There is no operation without risk

You should find out about possible complications from the specialist treating you, including the frequency and treatment options. You should also be given full details of the following points:

  • Treatment procedures
  • Anaesthesia procedure
  • Length of stay
  • Recovery phase
  • Risks and complications

The most important objective must be to convey a realistic expectation of what is to be achieved. Do not make a decision until you are sure.

Unfortunately, there are many providers offering cosmetic surgery and treatments - but not all of them have the same qualifications. The law allows any doctor to perform any operation they feel confident in - regardless of the type of specialist training they have. Only the specialist title is prescribed by law, but it does not have to be stated. Always be careful if no official specialist title is given. 

Caution should also be exercised if you contact an anonymous limited company. It is often not clear who is carrying out the operations, nor what specialist status the doctor has.

Further help with choosing a doctor: