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Wrinkles are an accompanying process of ageing. They develop in every person over the course of time. Various factors such as skin ageing, daily facial expressions, etc. are responsible for their formation.

Today, modern aesthetic medicine offers many measures for wrinkle treatment or wrinkle reduction. Wrinkles can often be reduced without surgery.

Find out more from our experienced plastic surgeon Dr Norbert Kania about the different treatment methods for your Wrinkle treatment in Frankfurt.

Mimic wrinkles (frown lines, frown lines, laugh lines)

Wrinkles are a natural feature of muscle activity and a result of facial expressions. In certain cases, however, there is an overactivity of the muscles and this may result in disturbing wrinkles such as forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crow's feet.

The muscles can be temporarily weakened with a special medication. When it is injected into the muscle, the nerve impulses are blocked so that the corresponding muscle can no longer be tensed as usual. This targeted inhibition of certain facial muscles can prevent the formation of wrinkles.

This effect usually lasts for around six months and can be extended several times by repeated injections. The muscles become thinner and thinner through repeated immobilisation with a corresponding reduction in the formation of wrinkles. The agent is injected with a very thin needle and no additional local anaesthetic is required. This treatment is particularly suitable for correcting forehead wrinkles and laugh lines around the eyes (crow's feet).

Tension headaches often improve after treatment. Certain forms of migraine can also be treated well with the medication.

Hyaluronic acid Frankfurt

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in every body. It gives the skin its volume and therefore its vital appearance. The material used for injections does not contain any foreign proteins. An allergy to the substance is therefore unlikely. The injection site is slightly anaesthetised beforehand with an anaesthetic ointment. A very fine needle is used to make a series of injections along the wrinkles.

Just like the body's own hyaluronic acid, the hyaluronic acid gel used for wrinkle treatment is broken down over time and absorbed by the body. The results achieved previously can be maintained with a top-up treatment after around six months.

Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid is particularly effective in the mouth region. Modern, highly concentrated hyaluronic acid can be injected deep into the zygomatic arches (often advertised as Jawline). This leads to an improvement in the contour with a slight lifting effect.

This hyaluronic acid is only absorbed after about a year. Very low-viscosity hyaluronic acid is ideal for treating fine "smoker's lines" in the mouth region and for lip augmentation.


RADIESSE™ is a biocompatible resorbable filler that is particularly suitable for treating deep wrinkles and contour defects. Especially for sunken cheeks, RADIESSE™ leads to an immediately visible smoothing of wrinkles and stimulates the production of the body's own collagen in the treated area. In contrast to many other fillers, the effect of RADIESSE™ therefore lasts considerably longer (approx. 12 to 18 months).

After pre-treatment with a strong anaesthetic cream, RADIESSE™ is injected under the wrinkles or contour defects using a fine needle. The injected areas are then lightly massaged and cooled. RADIESSE™ can also be used for hand rejuvenation, but often leads to long-lasting swelling.

We therefore favour autologous fat grafting for hand rejuvenation.


ELLANSÉ™ is a fully absorbable filler that stimulates the body's own collagen production. ELLANSÉ™ is particularly elastic and is broken down very slowly by the body. Depending on the choice of filler from the ELLANSÉ™ product range, the effect can last up to four years.

After pre-treatment with a strong anaesthetic cream, ELLANSÉ™ is injected under the wrinkles or contour defects using a fine needle. The injected areas are then lightly massaged and cooled.

Which filler is best suited for you, explains Dr Kania in a detailed Counselling interview.


Mesotherapy can improve the overall appearance of the skin. Small wrinkles are smoothed out and the skin looks younger. The treatment is suitable for the entire face, neck and décolleté. Dead skin cells are removed from the skin with a mild fruit acid peel. A mixture of native hyaluronic acid and vitamins is then injected into the skin using a mesopistol with very fine cannulas.

The hyaluronic acid increases the water content of the skin and the vitamins - unlike most skin creams - reach the tissue layer where skin regeneration takes place.

Initially, four to five treatments should be carried out at intervals of around two weeks. Later on, one refresher treatment every six months is usually sufficient.

Mesotherapy Frankfurt
Autologous fat transplant Frankfurt

Autologous fat transplantation

Fat cells are removed from areas such as the abdomen, hips or thighs using a small liposuction procedure, prepared using a special process and injected into the facial areas to be smoothed using very thin cannulas. The special preparation of the fat cells and sophisticated injection techniques, which also tighten the skin, generally ensure that the desired effect lasts for a long time. Allergic reactions are ruled out, as autologous fat is a substance produced naturally in the body.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and usually under local anaesthetic. The treatment can lead to temporary swelling, so no important social commitments should be planned for three to four days. Autologous fat injections are particularly suitable for correcting deep wrinkles around the mouth.

As some of the injected fatty tissue is always resorbed by the body, overcorrection is always necessary. As the resorption rate varies from patient to patient, in some cases another autologous fat injection must be performed after around six months.

Thread lifting

In thread lifts, absorbable threads with barbs are usually inserted under the skin of the face or neck. The insertion points are anaesthetised locally. Once the threads are tightened, a lifting effect is achieved in the area of the sagging cheeks. It is also possible to lift the midface soft tissue or tighten the neck. 

Immediately after the stitches are tightened, wrinkles appear in front of the ear, but these are usually smoothed out after a few days with intensive cooling. You should therefore not have any important social appointments in the first three to four days after the thread lift.

There are a large number of different threads with varying degrees of effectiveness on the market. Even some alternative practitioners offer thread lifting.

Autologous fat transplantation
Wrinkle treatment Frankfurt

We only use high-quality threads (Silhouette Soft®). These threads are made of polylactic acid (like Sculptra®), are completely absorbable and lead to the accumulation of the body's own collagen. Instead of barbs, these sutures contain small cones that hook into the tissue much better than barbs. These threads are only sold to doctors after they have undergone intensive training. 

Not every patient is suitable for a thread lift. In a detailed consultation, Dr Kania will explain to you whether a thread lift is suitable for you or whether other treatment methods are more recommended. The effect of a thread lift lasts for about a year, in many patients even longer.

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At the novoLinea Clinic, we have the right solution for our patients. Let our team advise you personally and comprehensively about your options in the area of wrinkle treatment. During the consultation, you will find out which method suits your desired result and your face. We will inform you in detail about treatment methods and possible risks. You will also receive a detailed breakdown of the costs of the treatment. Thanks to the empathetic and competent support, you will not feel alone as a patient.

The clinic is excellently air-conditioned, so that you will have a pleasant stay with us even on hot summer days.

We attach great importance to individualised care for our patients. Take advantage of our more than 20 years of experience in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. This is also proven by the repeated award from FOCUS as TOP surgeon. We are among the most experienced specialists in the Rhine-Main region. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and vast experience for your anti-wrinkle treatment. 

novoLinea - over 20 years of experience for your wrinkle treatment in Frankfurt

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Questions & answers wrinkle treatment in Frankfurt

What needs to be considered before treatment?

Refrain from taking medication containing acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) for one week before the treatment. Paracetamol is permitted. At the time of treatment, there must be no inflammation in the area to be treated, e.g. pimples or herpes.

What needs to be considered after the treatment?

On the day of treatment, you should massage the treated areas lightly with your normal face cream. Cooling with a cool pad (from the fridge - not from the freezer) is also helpful for severe swelling. After a thread lift, intensive cooling is necessary for two days so that the wrinkles in front of the ear recede.

No important social appointments for three to four days after autologous fat grafting and thread lifting.

No follow-up treatment is required after the treatment of mimic wrinkles. In this case, we offer a follow-up examination after two weeks to assess the result and, if necessary, inject again.

What complications can occur?

Side effects or contraindications can occur with any medical treatment. The respective complications depend on the method used. 

A detailed medical history is therefore necessary. In this, your individual factors are queried so that the risk is minimised. Thanks to our many years of extensive experience, we are able to assess very well which method makes sense for your treatment goal. 

We will tell you all about your possible risks and complications during the consultation.