Labiaplasty Frankfurt

Correction of labia that are too large, flaccid or too small

Many women suffer from labia minora or labia minora that are too large or too small. With the help of a short operation under local anaesthetic, they can be helped to reduce their labia minora.lip reduction in Frankfurt can be helped. Find out more about intimate surgery from our specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery.
Labia reduction Frankfurt

What are the reasons for wanting labiaplasty?

Labia too large

If the labia minora are enlarged (so-called labial hypertrophy), certain sporting activities (e.g. cycling, horse riding) or wearing certain clothing (e.g. tight trousers, bikini, thongs and certain sportswear) can be very uncomfortable for affected women. The sensation during sexual intercourse can also be negatively affected.

In some cases, this is characterised by swelling, pain or more or less pronounced sores. In addition to these physical impairments, affected female patents also experience psychological problems.

Sagging labia

Visually conspicuous or sagging labia can often lead to psychological problems for those affected due to the feeling of shame.

Labia too small

The labia serve to close the genital opening. This protects the vagina from infections, foreign bodies and drying out. However, labia that are too small cannot fulfil this function. In this context, maintaining a balance between form and function plays an important role in correction.

How is vaginal correction performed?

In principle, the entire vaginal complex should always be considered, as they always form an aesthetic unit with the clitoral hood.

The aim of a correction should be to achieve the most symmetrical result possible in the genital area. During the preliminary examination, we will discuss the possible course of treatment and the various surgical methods with you.

The operation itself is usually a minor, very well-tolerated procedure. Healing is relatively quick. In most cases, it is painless.

Vaginal correction
Labiaplasty Frankfurt

Healing and aftercare

The Healing time varies from person to person. It depends on the extent of the operation, the method and the behaviour after the procedure.

Immediately after the operation you will stay for Labia correction aftercare another one to two hours in our clinic.

The first follow-up check takes place as required - often one week after the procedure. The final result can be seen after three weeks to three months.

novoLinea Clinic - Expertise in plastic surgery

At the novoLinea Clinic, we have the right solution for our patients. Let our team advise you personally and comprehensively on your planned labiaplasty. During the consultation, you will find out which method is best suited to eliminating your problems in this area. We will inform you in detail about treatment methods and possible risks. You will also receive a detailed breakdown of the costs of the treatment. Thanks to the empathetic and competent support you will not feel alone as a patient.

The clinic is excellently air-conditioned, so that you will have a pleasant stay with us even on hot summer days.

Over 20 years of experience for your labiaplasty in Frankfurt

Dr Norbert Kania Frankfurt
Dr Norbert Kania
Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery
Oliver Ruiz
Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

Our specialists in aesthetic and plastic surgery have many years of experience in aesthetic plastic surgery. They attach great importance to individualised care for their patients. We have been repeatedly recognised by FOCUS for our extensive medical experience. Take advantage of our care and extensive knowledge for your labiaplasty.

Would you like to find out more about your labiaplasty in Frankfurt?

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about labiaplasty

Do stitches have to be removed?

No. The incision edges are finally sewn together with self-dissolving threads.

Can you see a scar?

The labia tissue heals very well and leaves no annoying scars.

Is labiaplasty painful?

You may feel soreness in the first few days. In most cases, this is relatively mild (varies from patient to patient!).

How long does the healing process take?

The healing phase varies in length and can last several weeks. It is very important for wound healing that you take it easy physically for at least 2 weeks. Sport and intimacy after 4-6 weeks at the earliest.

When can I return to work after labiaplasty?

You will normally be fit for work again after two weeks.

Is it possible to give birth after a labiaplasty?

Yes. A labiaplasty has no influence on the course of the delivery.

What are the risks of labiaplasty / labia reduction?

Labia correction by our experienced plastic and aesthetic surgeon Dr Kania is relatively safe. You can rely on his many years of experience. However, as with any other operation, there are risks. The most common complications can be

  • Wound healing disorders
  • Infection of the wound area
  • Haemorrhage
  • Thrombosis

In addition, an aesthetically unsatisfactory result can also occur. In addition, problems can arise during subsequent childbirth or impaired perception due to nerve damage following labia reduction or labiaplasty.

When can I shower again?

As a rule, showering is permitted again from the day after the operation - preferably with clear water or a very mild soap. Camomile rinses, ointments that promote wound healing and careful scar care can also be useful.

Smoking before the operation?

Smokers should refrain from smoking before and after the operation. Nicotine reduces the oxygen supply and makes wound healing more difficult.