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Breast lift in Frankfurt for a more beautiful, firmer breast

We improve your appearance and well-being with beautifully shaped, firm breasts

In addition to the rarer congenital "sagging breasts", pregnancy or severe weight fluctuations are usually the cause of sagging breasts. 

Many women manage to hide this problem with suitable bras and clothing. However, even if nobody notices it in everyday life, sagging breasts can be a very stressful psychological problem for a woman. 

Our experienced specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery can help you here with the help of a Breast lift in Frankfurt (also known as mastopexy) can help.

Brief information on breast lift

AnaesthesiaGeneral anaesthesia
Clinic stay1 day
Able to work7 days after the operation
ScarringAround the edge of the areola and vertically up to the breast crease and in the breast crease
CostsCustomised - depending on the scope of the operation
More about costs & prices
AftercareAfter 7, 14, 21 days, 6 and 12 months
HealingWearing a bustier
Sports activities from the 3rd week after surgery (except for breast exercises)
Final result visible after 6 months
Alternative namesMastopexy
Breast lift
Treating specialist

Oliver Ruiz
Dr Norbert Kania

breast lift Frankfurt

When does a breast lift make sense?

A breast lift is useful if sagging breasts are perceived as disturbing.

In our consultations, we often see patients who even show themselves to their partner wearing only a bra. A breast lift is necessary to restore the shape and firmness of sagging breasts in harmony with the body.

How can the breast be tightened and how long does the operation take?

During a two to three-hour breast operation, the excess skin below the nipple is removed and the breast is reshaped by shifting the tissue. Depending on the method, an "inner bra" is usually formed from the existing tissue, which prevents the breast from sagging too much later on.

In addition, the nipple is moved upwards, giving the breast a younger appearance. Patients usually find this permanent rejuvenation a huge boost to their self-confidence.

breast lift / breast lift Frankfurt
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What happens during the operation?

Before breast surgery, the planned incision is first marked with a felt-tip pen while the patient is standing. Once the anaesthetic has been induced, a local anaesthetic is also injected. The anaesthetic is mixed with a drug that causes the small blood vessels to contract locally. This minimises bleeding during the operation.

As a rule, in addition to correcting the sagging breast, the areola must also be reduced and the nipple moved upwards. To do this, the top layer of skin around the nipple is removed according to the previously drawn incision pattern without damaging the nerves and blood vessels underneath.

For an optimal result, an "inner bra" is then formed from the excess skin below the nipple and a new breast shape is modelled from the existing breast tissue.

At the end of the breast lift operation, the wound is closed with continuous sutures that dissolve later. Drainage tubes ensure that the wound secretions can drain away in the first one to two days after the operation.

novoLinea Clinic - Expertise in plastic surgery in Frankfurt am Main

We at the novoLinea Clinic have the right solution for our patients - let our team advise you personally and comprehensively. During the consultation, you will find out which method suits your desired result and your body. We will provide you with detailed information about the various breast lift methods and explain the possible risks. You will also receive a detailed breakdown of the costs of the treatment. Thanks to the empathetic and competent support, you will not feel alone as a patient. The clinic is excellently air-conditioned, so that you will have a pleasant stay with us even on hot summer days.

Our specialists in aesthetic and plastic surgery, with over 20 years of experience in aesthetic plastic surgery, attach great importance to individualised care for our patients. With our many years of medical experience in practice, we have repeatedly been recognised as a TOP surgeon and top doctor by FOCUS. Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise to lift your breasts.

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Dr Norbert Kania
Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery
Oliver Ruiz
Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

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Questions & answers about sagging breast surgery

Breast lift Frankfurt - below you will find frequently asked questions and the most important information about the operation to correct sagging breasts:

Can I finance the cost of my breast lift?

Yes - Financing the costs of your breast lift is possible via our partner if you have the appropriate credit rating.

More information on financing

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What should be considered before the operation for sagging breasts?

Detailed consultation and examination

In order to achieve the best possible long-term result and minimise the risk, a preliminary examination, consultation and information about the operation are necessary. During this consultation, you and your doctor will clarify all frequently asked questions, your individual potential risks, the appropriate method and your expected healing process. 

Weight loss

Each breast consists of a proportion of glandular tissue and a proportion of fatty tissue. While the glandular part is genetically and hormonally determined, the fatty tissue part is very much subject to your eating habits. The closer you are to your realistic normal weight before the operation, the more satisfied you will be with the long-term result.

Significant weight loss after the operation can lead to the breasts sagging again.

Ultrasound examination, mammography

Dr Kania will discuss with you during the detailed consultation whether an ultrasound examination and/or mammography is advisable before your breast surgery to lift your breasts.

What surgical techniques are available and which is the best?

There are various techniques for breast lift surgery, which can be used depending on your initial findings:

  • Pure breast lift (tightening of the skin mantle without changing the volume)
  • Combination of breast lift and breast augmentation
  • Combination of breast lift and breast reduction

In addition to these methods, there are also different cuts:

  • Hall-Findlay
  • Benelli
  • Lejour

It can also be combined with breast augmentation. We will clarify which surgical method is suitable for you during your examination and consultation.

What complications can occur during a breast lift?

As with any operation, there are also risks associated with a breast lift. Our experienced aesthetic surgeon will provide you with all the information you need during your pre-examination and surgical consultation so that you can decide for yourself whether you want to take the risk of the operation.

The most common risks & problems after the procedure

Even if the scars are normally narrow and inconspicuous, a relatively large wound area is created. Possible complications include haematoma and wound healing disorders. A usually temporary reduction in sensitivity to touch also occurs occasionally. If a wound healing disorder occurs due to an infection or circulatory disorder (especially in heavy smokers), wider scars may develop later. These scars can be corrected around six months later under local anaesthetic.

What should I look out for after the operation?

In the first few days, it is usually necessary to take painkillers.

The patient can leave the bed on the day of the operation. The stay in our clinic is one day. As soon as the drains have been removed, the well-fitting special bra must be worn day and night for the next six weeks. The compression bra should be worn at least during the day for a further three weeks.

Sporting activities and stress

Sport and heavy lifting should be avoided for six weeks. 

Removal of the stitches

The stitches dissolve by themselves and do not need to be removed.

What scars occur during a breast lift?

As there are many different breast shapes, there are also different surgical techniques. The scars required can therefore vary. There is almost always a fine scar around the nipple and vertically below the nipple. Dr Kania will discuss with you in detail before the operation whether an additional scar is required in the crease under the breast (like an inverted T or an L).

The best prerequisite for good scar formation is a precise surgical technique. Scar follow-up treatment can begin three weeks after the operation in order to achieve optimum scar formation.

Will visible scars remain?

In principle, every incision made during surgery results in a scar. In the first year after the operation, it differs in colour from the surrounding tissue. It is therefore visible during this time. Over time, the scar fades in colour. After approx. 2 to 3 years, the colour is usually only visible on closer inspection.

In the first few months after the procedure, you should protect the scar from intensive UV radiation in order to minimise the risk of incorrect pigmentation.