Financing cosmetic surgery

How to finance your procedure or cosmetic surgery

How does novoFinance work?

We work together with a specialised partner who takes care of financing. With our co-operation partner, you can finance the planned treatment for between €400.00 and €30,000.00. The credit decision is made on the same day and also offers the most favourable interest rate for your treatment.

Financing is provided by our co-operation partners Credit4Beauty. We have no influence on the credit decision or the approval process.

Calculate your financing!

You can calculate and apply for your financing directly below:

Who can apply for funding?

  • Employees in a regular employment relationship
  • Self-employed persons with one year of self-employment or more
  • Trainees (duration only within the training period and resident at the
  • Students with a part-time job
  • Pensioner

What requirements do you need to fulfil?

  • Place of residence and bank details in Germany or Austria
  • No negative Schufa entry
  • Regulated income
  • Age of majority

What advantages do you have with our financing concept?

  • Usable from as little as EUR 400
  • Payment directly to your doctor - you submit your application online
  • Financing commitment on the day of the enquiry
  • Short waiting times
  • Can be repaid early at any time
  • Special repayments possible at any time
  • Most favourable interest rate for cosmetic surgery

What framework conditions does the financing offer?

  • Special repayments are possible
  • Premature cancellation of the contract is possible
  • Most favourable interest rate for aesthetic plastic surgery
  • Credit approval within 24 hours
  • Up to €30,000 financing amount possible
  • 6 - 72 months Term
  • Up to €7,500, only an EC card (bank card) and identity card are required.

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